An ANZAC Day veteran waits for the march to form, prior to the arrival of thousands on lookers that line the streets to remember and honour them on their day in Perth.

Photo Ross Swanborough. News Ltd.

Series Portrait Folio Ross Swanborough Sunday Times Kian (4) & Taj (6) Hazell line up to march for their Pop Delgado in the Anzac Day parade through Perth.
Series Ross Swanborough Sunday Times Children march in place of family members that cant be there for the Anzac Day parade through Perth.
1-FOLIO 3-NEWS FEATURE 4-PORTRAIT 7-STORY Ross Swanborough Couples arrive early to get the best position to watch at the Anzac Day Parade in the City. 250407

Flame of Rememberance in Kings Park after the Dawn Service on Anzac Day 2017.

Photo Ross Swanborough. The Sunday Times.

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